Constitution of Southampton Concert Wind Band

  1. The name of the band shall be Southampton Concert Wind Band.

  2. The band is an amateur society, the aims of which are to provide its members with the opportunity to play music collectively for pleasure, and to strive to improve the playing standards both of the band as a whole, and of the individual members.

  3. Membership is open to any competent and enthusiastic musician aged 18 or over, without regard to sex, race or disability, providing a suitable vacancy exists in the band. Due to increasing supervisory requirements, applications from U18's will be considered on a case by case basis and membership will be approved at the discretion of the committee.

  4. Band rehearsals shall normally be held every Thursday from 19:30 until 21:30 (approximately).

  5. The band shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM), normally in the second week of February.

  6. The band shall elect a committee at each AGM. All members of the band are entitled to stand for election each candidate should be proposed and seconded by current band members. The committee shall take responsibility for the routine running of the band. The committee should normally comprise at least five members and include Chair and Treasurer. Other members may be co-opted onto the committee to undertake specific short-term tasks as necessary. The committee shall hold regular, minuted, meetings.

  7. The conductor shall be appointed by the committee, following consultation with the full band. The conductor is not subject to annual election, but is an honourary member of the committee.

  8. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called at any time of year, at the instigation of the committee or any three band members, in order to consider any serious or urgent matter. Notice of an EGM shall be given at a rehearsal at least two weeks before the date of the meeting.

  9. An AGM or EGM shall be deemed quorate if at least one half of the current regular membership are present.

  10. Changes to the Constitution may be made by a majority decision of a quorate AGM or EGM.

  11. Subscriptions are charged at two levels (1) Regular, (2) Concessionary (student, unemployed, retired). The subscription rates shall be set each year at the AGM.

  12. Members shall be charged subscriptions for each rehearsal, whether or not they attend. At the discretion of the Treasurer, if a member is unavoidably absent for several weeks due to illness, extended working away from home etc., the member shall be required to pay only for those rehearsals attended.

  13. Exceptionally, the committee may ask a member to leave the band in the event of a serious breach of the Constitution, for persistant poor attendance at rehearsals or engagements, or for unacceptable conduct.

This revision adopted at EGM, 29th October 2009.